Lancaster County Property Tax Reassessments


I wanted to share with you a link to the Lancaster County Property Assessment page that will detail to you the specifics relating to our reassessments. It's been since 2005 that the County has re-evaluated the current assessments, and it's long overdue. It will be in your best interests to be mindful of the preliminary assessment that will be coming out to you very shortly, and to educate yourselves to determine if it's appropriate to appeal the new assessed values of your home. 2018 Property Reassessment Taxpayers Guide will educate you on the process, and the link to the 2016/2017 link to the current millage rates will help you to determine your new estimated taxes moving forward. 

I'll share the formula, using my personal home, to help you to determine your taxes based on the 2016/2017 millage rates. Our home is in Manor Township, so our total millage rates for the county, municipality, and the school district are 24.2650.

$236,500 (new assessed value from $175,900) * 24.2650/1,000 = $5,738.67 (our new reassessed taxes for 2018).

$236,500 * 24.2650 / 1,000 = $5,738.67

You're welcomed to call the 2018 Reassessment Phone Bank 
Phone number: 717-390-7742
Available Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm or email them at

Feel free to give me a call with your real estate related questions. I'm here for you. Interested in determining the market value of your home? I can help you.